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With 30 years of experience in the commercial printing and print production industry, we provide various printing services in Brisbane, including graphic design services, installations, storage facilities and logistics. Let us know how can we help you.

Design your custom print packaging today!

In this modern world, customers are more attracted to see what is outside a package, and in the past, companies used to find the cheapest cardboard box to ship an item to their customers. The greatest approach to make a good first impression nowadays is through unique packaging, which may reveal a lot about your company.
Custom print packaging is specifically tailored to your company's product and shipping. Packaging is primarily meant to fit your unique product perfectly and protect it better than typical generic packaging.

Printed packaging often undergoes an intensive process like designing, engineering, prototyping, and testing to ensure the packaging works flawlessly. When ordering a custom printed box, the product will determine the customization requirements, such as sizes, shapes, styles, colors, and materials.
Finally, custom printed packaging is designed to meet business requirements and impress potential customers with eye-catching graphics, product safety, increase brand identity, promotional strategies, and customer satisfaction by providing an unboxing experience like any other.

Custom Print Packaging Boxes

Our custom-printed packaging includes:

  • Shipping boxes
  • Product boxes
  • Packaging sleeves
  • Gift boxes
  • Boxes and bags for mailers
  • Wrapping paper and additional inserts

Our various print packaging capabilities:

  • Design packaging
  • Custom Packaging
  • Prototype packaging
  • Print packaging
  • Die-cut packaging
  • Glue & fold packaging
For Over 30 Years

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We can provide a wide range of custom finishes for your product, and can arrange efficient and timely delivery anywhere in Australia. We partner with a huge range of clients from local businesses to national brands. Our team are committed to providing affordable design and print solutions with fast turnarounds and superior quality.

In House Printing

We print everything on-premises in our own factory, which is how we are able to assure all of our products are delivered on time and are of the best quality, every time.

Australian Owned & Operated

We are 100% Australian owned & operated family business. We never outsource or send your work overseas.

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We are more than happy to talk about print and your ideas. We have the skills and technical know-how to deliver awesome results.

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Why choose Crystal Print Media for Custom Printing and Packaging?

Do you need unique, efficient, affordable custom packaging and commercial printing in Brisbane? Crystal print media is committed to providing affordable print solutions and designs with exceptional quality and fast turnarounds, making us one of the best printing companies in Brisbane.
Our experienced designers and packing engineers will tailor your custom boxes according to business needs by choosing a wide range of options such as styles, sizes, shapes, colors, materials, add-ons, inserts, coatings, printing techniques, and other customizations with creativity to create brand-defining packaging.

We manufacture sustainable, first-in-class professional packaging printing services provider for offset, digital, and large format printing delivering custom finishes for your products, thus exciting your prospects about what's on the inside.
As the leading custom printing company in Brisbane, we present an online ordering system that allows the users to create flexible designs, edit, manage and order custom-made designs and items. Our easy-to-use online portal makes your work easier, faster, and without human errors.

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Old law group Brisbane
Scotch & Soda Brisbane
Suncorp Stadium Brisbane
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Brisbane Broncos
Brisbane Broncos

“Crystal Media is a valued supplier of the Brisbane Broncos. Their comprehensive range of products allows us to meet the demands of our various printing needs, from business cards, formal invitations, to membership flyers, team posters and much more. This combined with excellent and timely service makes Crystal Media a pleasure to work with.”

Alan Graham
Alan Graham

“Crystal Media have been our printing partner for the past 16 years. The longevity of our business relationship is due to the quality of their work and their commitment to service, which have always been of the highest standard.”

Joe McDermott
Joe McDermott

“Crystal Media has provided a valuable service to the Queensland Rugby League and the QLD Maroons for several years. Their range and service is second to none. We are proud of our relationship with Crystal Media and look forward to continuing the association into the future.”


What is custom packaging?

Custom packaging is designed to fit your product's unique specifications, involving the printing of base materials like paper, cardboard, fabric, or plastic and transforming them into the final product with unique shapes, sizes, colors, styles, and other customised details.

For a custom-printed packaging to meet your specific needs, it goes through several stages, such as design, engineering, testing, and prototyping, to ensure flawless functionality. Incorporating your business logos, shapes, pictures, patterns, or any other brand-related elements into the packaging design will create a personalised look that is true to your brand identity.

What should I consider while opting for custom packaging?

Nowadays, it doesn't matter if it's a small beauty product, an oversized electronic item, or a palatable item. Customizing printing is vital for selling the product effectively and increasing brand awareness.

There are diverse factors to consider when custom printing packaging. Many companies use typical cardboard packaging because their products vary in style, shape, and size and need extra cushions if it's a fragile products to keep them safe during shipment.

Here are some facets you need to consider before choosing custom-printed packaging services.

  1. Your custom packaging has to be cost-effective to make it a compelling brand identity.
  2. It's better to try different packaging materials for robustness and durability.
  3. It's vital to keep an eye on color choice and finish during customization to stand out from the competitors.
  4. Carefully decide on the shape and size of your box to avoid any bad press which impacts overall costs.
  5. Ensure your custom packaging should resonate with your brand image and create custom packages for various events.

When to choose custom packaging & printing services for my business?

Choose custom-printed packaging services when you;

  • Need large quantities of packaging for your products
  • Need custom finishes, colors, features, materials, and sizes for your custom packaging
  • Need full-color printing on all sides and interior of the boxes
  • Need a lower per unit cost when ordering bulk volumes

Does custom packaging printing services in Brisbane worth it?

Selecting the cheapest packaging option for your products might be alluring, but your product might be at risk if it's not made to the correct size or with proper cushioning.
Choosing custom packaging printing services in Brisbane is an excellent strategy to ensure the security of your products with cost-effective methods.

A well-designed custom box with high-quality material will provide potential prospects with a better shopping experience and repeat purchases increasing brand loyalty and sales, so it is worth it.

Does the packaging material affect how my design will look?

Popular research shows that 94% of customers purchase your brand based on your visual appearance, textures, and colors. Ofcourse, your packaging materials' texture and custom printing will affect the final product design.

Depending upon your branding, you need to choose your custom box to be matte or glossy. The matte textures and darkest material will subdue the colors and images on your custom-printed packaging. Choosing glossy and bright materials will enhance your custom packaging boxes' colors, images, or logos.

How do I design custom-branded packaging?

It's an intimidating process of designing and creating packaging that matches your brand image, but it doesn't have to be. Your custom branded packaging requirements depend on where you are selling it and what you are selling it.

Know the tips for creating top-notch custom printed packaging for your business:

  • Review and consider all your packaging requirements
  • Carefully select elements that match your brand identity
  • Be creative and think of how your customized packaging will tell a story
  • Manufacture environment-friendly custom product packaging

Can I provide my own artwork?

Yes, you can, and we recommend you request the artwork templates and specifications from our in-house designers before you design the artwork for your project. Artwork for your custom packaging needs specific approaches and correct specifications to complete your design.

Email your unique artwork in a preliminary art file, and we will give you the instructions or requirements to make the changes if any changes are required. If you don't have the artwork, don't worry, our in-house graphic designers will create artwork based on your requirements.

Can I get a personalized quotation for print packaging order?

Yes, reach out to our friendly team and share your requirements, such as material type, size, shape, color, quantity, finishes, templates, add-ons, styles, and more that suit your brand image. Our printing packaging consultant will help you with suggestions and send you a personalized quote for your needs.

Does crystal print media offer discounts on bulk print packaging orders?

Absolutely, we offer substantial discounts for packaging printing services in Brisbane for bulk orders. You'll save money by ordering bulk for your business. The cost per unit will decrease when you choose bulk volumes for print and packaging. Get the best cost-effective printing services in Brisbane today!

What is the standard turnaround time on my order?

The turnaround time might depend on many factors such as quantity, designing prototype, and more. Once you share your requirements, we will design and share a prototype, and if you need any changes, we will make the necessary changes and send it for production.

Our standard turnaround time for custom print and packaging orders is around 10 business days, and if you are on a packed schedule, we can deliver it to you in 7 business days. Depending upon your location, please note that some orders may take longer to complete during unprecedented times like the pandemic. Order today!

Custom Printing and Packaging in Brisbane

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