Committed to providing affordable design and print solutions with fast turnarounds and superior quality. We’ve been in the business for over 30 years and our team has the experience and style to create fast, quality printed packaging designs and products for you and your business. Whether it’s a simple carton or a one-of-a-kind package, we have the know-how to craft the package of your dreams

Packaging Design and Products

Partner with the best Packaging Design Company in Brisbane

If you are in the quest for the best print packaging design service, it will solely depend on the type of products to be packed. Since different products have different target goals and audiences, we consider unique packaging designs that attract eyeballs. Our printed packaging services in Brisbane conduct a thorough research about the market and audience and designs per the latest packaging trends for all products to stay relevant in the industry.

Unique Packaging Box Designs

Designing appealing and compelling packaging is a challenge. For example, the packaging design for a children's toy needs to be colorful and bright, and for an electronic gadget, a print packaging design will need sleek graphics and a logo with sophisticated designs. Collaborate with a world-class custom packaging company to create stunning, attractive, and beautiful packaging designs for your products to impress prospects and shoppers, be it on the store shelf or online.

Talk to our packaging design specialist in Brisbane and discuss your packaging design requirements, whether you sell via email or retail, to get a sense of the graphics, typefaces, and colors that feel suitable for your unique product's packaging designs.

Advantages of custom package designing

  • Set up your brand identity and presence to stand out in the competitive market
  • Allows you to enhance your branding and marketing efforts without additional expenditures
  • Build an instant connection with the potential buyers without communicating directly
  • Stands out in the competition and boosts brand identity and authenticity
  • Build loyalty and trust among customers
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Carton Boxes for All Occasions

Carton boxes can have various uses according to the customer's requirements and preferences, and they are designed and manufactured for storage, packaging, or shipping heavier items. Through ongoing process improvement of carton boxes in Brisbane, we strive to surpass customer anticipations for custom carton boxes or packing boxes.

Do not jeopardize your products by using low-grade cartons; instead, choose from our various styles of cartons, such as reverse tuck end, display carton, post lock carton, hand lock carton, post mailer carton, same panel tuck end carton, standard skillet carton, crash lock carton, web corner tray, paper packaging printing with a sleeve that fit your business needs.

Our Carton boxes specialist in Brisbane delivers custom carton solutions to keep your items in a secure way that sustains short or long-term usage and storage with extra cushion and seals for various applications, regardless of size, shape, color, material, or quantity, with high quality and competitive prices. Our passion and experience manufacturing carton boxes in Brisbane make us stand out from our competitors.

Carton Boxes

Benefits of Using Custom Carton Boxes for your Business Needs

  • The carton boxes are easy to personalize according to your product needs.
  • Custom carton boxes can vary in size and can design according to item size and thickness.
  • All our carton boxes can be recycled, which is the most inexpensive packing option available.
  • Increase your brand awareness by impressing your customer with customized packaging and personal touch.
  • Custom carton boxes are lightweight and robust, making them very convenient for shipping.
  • Carton boxes offer the flexibility to pack many different items, making them the most versatile packaging options in the market today.


Reverse truck end carton packaging

Reverse truck end

Display carton packaging

display carton

Post lock printed carton boxes

post lock carton

Hand lock printed carton boxes

hand lock carton

Post mailer Carton printed packaging boxes

post mailer carton

Panel truck carton printed boxes

same panel tuck end carton

Standard size up print carton boxes


Crash lock printed cartons

crash lock carton

Web corner tray cartons

web corner tray

Sleeve type carton box


Custom Cardboard Box Packaging

Crystal print media is a state-of-the-art customized cardboard box printing and manufacturer for businesses that unlock the marketing and promotional potential with custom cardboard packaging serving customers in Brisbane for decades. We design, manufacture, supply, and recycle custom cardboard boxes, cartons, and stock-size custom printed packing boxes for any industry sector available for domestic and promotional use.

Custom cardboard box printed packaging

Our dedicated team at Crystal print media is committed to customer satisfaction with their requirements and business goals to provide top-notch and attractive boxes at affordable rates.

Our abundant experience and incredible flexibility in work can help fulfill your visions into reality by using the latest technology and printing techniques, providing complete satisfaction with our products and service.

Contact us, the best cardboard box printers in Brisbane, for a customized quote for your needs and get luxury cardboard boxes with our trustworthy experts.

Why choose us for your next custom cardboard box printing and packaging?

Our primary goal is to deliver state-of-the-art custom carton boxes in Brisbane without sacrificing the packaging material. Our talented and experienced professionals design unique boxes using cutting-edge technology with in-depth research about the material before using it for the boxes to ensure the best experience for our clients.

If you are on a short budget, don't worry. We provide high-quality products at the cheapest rates with quality assurance. You will not find any custom cardboard or cartons or paper packaging printing cheaper than ours with all types and colors made up of different materials, including cardboard, rigid, rugged materials, or paperboard, which keeps your product safe and fresh, and up to the mark.

We offer a fast turnaround time, design assistance, and no setup fees. Get a customized quote from our expert for a fantastic experience. We provide free delivery in Brisbane.


What is the time taken to make a new carton?

Commonly speaking, the time taken to make a new carton requires less turnaround. Still, the design's complexity, quantity, and details needed on the printed packaging boxes will depend on the overall turnaround time.

Can I get a prototype or sample before I place my carton order?

Yes, when you place your carton box order with all the required elements, such as dimensions, materials, size, colors, artwork, printing type, and more, you will receive an email with the design proof. You can review and suggest changes if you need any. We make the necessary changes to your custom-printed boxes and send them for production.

What is the estimated delivery time to receive my order?

Our packaging design company, located in Australia, is delivered on time. If there is a pandemic or emergency, our production time is within seven working days. Once your custom-printed boxes are ready to checkout, you will get an email with the estimated date and time.

What is the contrast between cardboard and corrugated materials?

Cardboard is a standard heavy paper stock for storing and shipping, also called paperboard. These are not impact or vibrate resistant and can be torn down quickly. These are used in food products and cereal packages.
Corrugated materials are primarily used as a cushion or support to protect your product from external forces. These are made up of 3 paper layers, a waveform fluting between the layers with inside and outside liners.

Are custom corrugated boxes recyclable?

Yes, Crystal print media is an eco-friendly company, and we are committed to maintaining and minimizing its environmental impact wherever possible. We recycle paper, corrugate, cardboard, plastic, and aluminum printing plates. And we use soya-based inks, chemistry-free plates, a chemistry-free printing process, and FSC-certified paper stocks without compromising safety, health, community, or environment.

How many types of carton boxes are there in Crystal print media?

We have various carton boxes types for all your unique requirements, such as:

  • Reverse tuck end
  • Display carton
  • Post lock carton
  • Handlock carton
  • Post mailer carton
  • Same panel tuck end carton
  • Standard skillet carton
  • Crash lock carton
  • Web corner tray

How much time does it take to produce customized carton boxes?

Depending upon your requirements, artwork, color, materials, and quantity, we can manufacture within 7-10 working days, and if you need plain cartons, we can deliver them to you within 5 working days. If you are on a packed schedule, we can deliver it to you within 2 days, but it includes extra charges.

What is the minimum order quantity for carton boxes?

There is no minimum order quantity, but the cost per carton box can increase if you order lower quantities. We recommend you order large quantities to decrease the cost per carton box. There are extra costs if you need more customization, like colors, designs, lamination, material types, Etc.

Can you print on carton boxes?

With our latest cutting-edge technology and state-of-the-art printers, we can print anything and any design on your preferred carton boxes inside and out.

Can I get a sample of my carton box before going into production?

Yes, before going into full production, we will make a prototype design of your personalized carton box per your requirements and send it to you for approval. You can review it and suggest any changes if required, and we'll make the changes and print all your carton boxes in one go.

Are your carton or cardboard boxes recyclable?

Yes, we are 100% eco-friendly, and all our products and recyclable. Our latest printers can reduce power consumption, and we use environment-based inks for printing.


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