May 22, 2024
Choose the Best Custom Printed Boxes for Products

Choose the Best Custom Printed Boxes for Your Products

Are you looking to boost the look and functionality of your products by having them housed in boxes with custom printing? Different businesses can use customised boxes, whether for retailing or shipping or even special occasions in which the type of box used is important. This blog will discuss how custom printed boxes help the business, the different types, and how to choose the right type.

Custom Printed Boxes

Custom printed boxes or custom cardboard boxes are far more beneficial than conventional packaging methods. They can be made to suit your product well so that effective protection during the shipping process is guaranteed. Besides, customised boxes can be designed with the brand’s unique logo and color scheme more strongly and blend into the customers’ minds and eyes on the shelves.

Why Use the Custom Printed Boxes

Cardboard boxes that have been designed and printed look like mere packaging, but it is more than that; your advert and company brand are going to your customer. Here’s why they matter:

  • Brand Recognition:

    The company name and any special color for the specially designed cardboard boxes contribute to promoting the particular brand.

  • Customer Experience:

    Packaging manufacturing helps increase the pleasant anticipation of the next step and the perception regarding the quality that comes with this process.

  • Protection:

    Customised cardboard boxes are best suited for packaging, especially for products. In the process of delivering the products to the customers, the firm will be able to fit the products in these boxes and eliminate damage to the products; hence, the firm will be spared from losses due to damages.

  • Eco-Friendly Options:

    Rivals have also started creating companies that make custom shipping, but they support sustainability to attract conscious people.

Custom Shipping Boxes

Custom shipping boxes are robust and can protect the products well. They are made of strong materials that can endure the transit period and take your products through.

Rigid Boxes

Rigid boxes are hard and have that perfect touch and feel. They are mostly employed in packaged luxurious products that offer an exciting unboxing experience. These boxes are non-collapsible and offer more protection.

Corrugated Boxes

The corrugated boxes are light but very strong, making them ideal for transporting heavy items. They are made of cardboard with fluted paper between the two layers, which provides cushioning.

Folding Cartons

Folding boxes are versatile and cheaper, depending on the product. They are easy to assemble, and you have many choices in printing to make your brand appear better.

Mailer Boxes

These types of custom printed boxes are perfect for e-commerce. They are designed to provide a tight fit for the products inside and are easy to assemble. They are usually applied for subscription services and promotional kits.

Custom Boxes for Personalized Gifts and Special Occasions

Personalised boxes for gift wrapping and other cultural events enhance the packaging felt. These boxes can be designed to be used as gifts for any event or occasion. Some of these kinds of customised boxes include,

  • Custom Soap Boxes

    Soap boxes are mostly created to fit different sizes and shapes of soap bars. They provide security and a decent outer appearance in the shape of a window or some kind of variation in the shape of the soap.
  • Custom Candle Boxes

    Candle packages in custom boxes are specifically designed for the safety and marketing of candles. The jar itself can be finished and have prints in a particular way to meet the brand’s theme and the candle’s scent.

How to Choose the Best Custom Printed Boxes

Choose the Best Custom Printed Boxes

Determine Your Needs

First, you must clarify your specific needs. Is it for retailing, shipping cartons, or event packaging? Knowing the primary use of the technology will make it easier to choose the best technology.

Consider the Material Quality

The mode of the fabric that is used in your custom cardboard boxes is very critical. The first is suitable for day-to-day applications, and the latter is preferable for dense products. If choosing an environmentally friendly product, it is possible to use recycled or biodegradable materials.

Focus on Design

It is worthwhile to prove that the box design adheres to the brand’s key notions. It would be helpful to organise work with a designer to create peculiar graphic symbols that are bright and informative, marking and attracting customers. Ensure that the design comes out well and gives the product a professional look.

Choose the Right Size

The dimensions of the custom cardboard boxes should be suitably aligned with the products sold. This is because ever-enlarging packages may lead to higher carriage charges and help cause accidental harm. Corners also need dimensions adjusted to the size of the product since boxes better protect.

Think About Printing Options

Other commonly used types of printing include digital printing and the offset type of printing. Digital printing is best for small quantities of the product and offset printing is best for large quantities as it gives a very high product quality.

Check for Durability

It must be durable, particularly when talking about custom shipping boxes. Take care that the boxes are strong enough to safeguard your commodities. Introduce options for additional strengthening if your products are susceptible to breaking.

Customisation Options

When looking for a supplier, it is best to choose one that can offer size, shape, design, and finish options for its products. This guarantees that your boxes are the only ones of their kind and exhibit your brand.


Quality is certainly crucial, but it is also important to spend money. Make inquiries to find the right suppliers, compare prices, and buy them in bulk.

Supplier Reputation

Select a more experienced supplier who has positive reviews and is reliable in delivering the goods on time. For firms operating in Australia, the closer the supplier is, the less transportation time and money will be spent.

Custom Printed Boxes Australia

You have a range of local suppliers for custom printed boxes in Australia. These boxes are known for their quality and eco-friendly options. Look for suppliers who offer a variety of materials and printing techniques to suit your needs. Choosing the best supplier is the key to choosing the perfect custom cardboard boxes for your products.

Choosing the Best Supplier

Hence, for designing and developing custom printed boxes in Australia, the company selected should have long experience in it and be a reputed company and satisfy the customer in the best way. Perhaps the following should be considered as the characteristics of a supplier:

  • Customisation Options:

    Identify a supplier that allows you to have complete design control to design the boxes according to your requirements.

  • Quality Assurance:

    It is, therefore, essential to guarantee that the supplier uses superior quality material and printing techniques.

  • Environmental Considerations:

    When purchasing supplies, it is advisable to ensure that the packaging is environmentally friendly so that waste does not accumulate.

Crystal Media for Your Perfect Custom Printed Boxes

Based on the above assertions, Crystal Media is one of the best service providers of custom printed boxes in Australia. We have many ways of making the packaging of a certain product respond to customer expectations regarding brand and packaging. We also offer an extra requirement regarding how the specific shipping and gift boxes should be ordered to complement your products’ presentation.


One has to be very particular when choosing the best custom printed boxes or custom cardboard boxes for storing the products, as they are important for brand identity, product preservation, and customer satisfaction. Choosing the right packaging solution entails comprehending the various types of customised boxes and the factors that must be considered when making a choice. If you are in Australia, Crystal Media will offer you the best options to achieve packaging with our high-quality custom shipping boxes.

Want to enhance your product’s packaging? Call Crystal Media now to design your custom printed boxes!

May 22, 2024
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