July 3, 2023
Enhancing Brand Presentation

Offset Printing for Packaging and Labels: Enhancing Brand Presentation

In today’s competitive industry, every company must stand out. While an attractive packaging is crucial, an appealing and eye-catching design could make all the difference.

Printing high-quality packaging or labels for your products can either be a tedious task or an enjoyable experience, and it is important to choose the right printing technique for the job. Offset print packaging is rapidly becoming the go to solution for businesses who want more attractive and professional looking results. In this blog, we will explain the importance of offset printing and the reasons to choose custom packaging so that people will remember your brand.

Getting to Know About Offset Printing

Packaging and labelling have undergone great changes in the last few years. This is due to the advancements of technology as well as a change in customers’ preferences and buying patterns. Packaging of products has become more of an art form, allowing consumers to view a product before they buy it. Offset printing for packaging and labels helps to create uniqueness in every package design, which is important for a product to stand out from the rest.

Offset printing is a high-quality printing process that uses plates to transfer ink to paper. This technique is used for all kinds of printed materials, including brochures, direct mail pieces and packaging. Offset printing is also used to print labels.

It is an economical choice for large runs of custom packaging or labels. It is very similar to digital printing, but offset printing uses plates instead of digital files, which gives you better quality and more options for customizing your design.

How Offset Lithography Works

Offset printing works by passing a sheet of paper through a large roller called an impression cylinder, which transfers the image from the plate onto the paper. The ink is transferred from one surface to another using photographic plates (also called “plastotypes”) made from layers of gelatin hardened with light exposure.

The first step in offset lithography involves creating a plate for each color used in the image being printed on the press. The plate maker uses photographic film and light-sensitive chemicals to create a plate for each color needed for the job. When exposed correctly, these plates will produce images with rich colors and detail when printed on paper or other materials. This process is repeated for each color inks in your design. The entire sheet is then passed through another roller called a blanket cylinder, which transfers all the colors onto the same sheet at once.

Since each color is transferred at once, this process allows you to create high-quality images with rich colors and sharp details. Once created, these plates are mounted on a machine called an “imposition table.” This machine holds all the plates together so they can be placed onto the press at once when they are needed during production.

Benefits of Offset Printing

Benefits of Offset Printing

Offset lithography is the most common method of printing. It was invented in the 19th century, and since then, it has become a preferred choice for many businesses. Here are some reasons why you should consider offset printing for your next project:

High Quality Images –

Offset printing is known for its high-quality images. The ink adheres to the paper better than other types of printing methods, making it ideal for photos and other complex designs.

Variety of Colors –

Another benefit of offset printing is that it can produce multiple colors on one page. There are also variations in color intensity, so you can add visual interest to your design by using different shades of red or blue.

Superior Prints –

Offset print packaging produces fine prints with vivid colors and sharp images. This method also allows you to print on both sides of a sheet of paper or card stock, which can save you money in paper costs.

Variety of Sizes –

You can choose from a variety of sizes for your print job when using an offset press. For example, if you are running an ad in a local newspaper, you might want one tabloid-size page rather than two full pages. Or if you are creating flyers for distribution at trade shows, you may need letter size pieces that fit into mailers easily.

Longer shelf life –

Offset printed items tend to last longer than digitally printed ones because they are not subject to fading or color degradation over time. The ink adheres directly to the paper rather than being applied from behind like digital packaging printing methods do. This helps prevent ink from rubbing off during handling or use over time.

Economical –

When ordering large quantities of prints at once such as 1,000 or more, offset presses offer lower per-unit costs than digital presses do because they don’t require expensive toner cartridges or maintenance fees like digital printers do.

Wrapping Up

Offset and web printing services are the cornerstone of any reputable print company. These are the services which bring custom products to life. Not everyone has the equipment to print on a variety of substrates or do two-sided full color jobs, and that is where we come in. Printing as a service is our business. We are proud of our reputation for quality and competitive pricing.

Have your packaging and labels printed with the highest quality offset printing in Australia from Crystal Print Media. We offer a variety of printing options, including short run printing, digital print, letterpress, foil stamping and more. Get in touch with us to know more.

July 3, 2023
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