February 23, 2023
Factors for choosing Brisbane commercial printers

What to Look Out for While Choosing a Commercial Printer?

Imagine this scenario. You bag a prime spot at a popular industry expo known to attract potential customers and clients in large numbers. You are strapped for time, so you give the printing job of your collaterals to one of the many printers in Brisbane without doing proper research. The printer not only does a disastrous job but also slips on the delivery deadline leaving you no time to salvage the situation. This would sadly mean a huge loss of business for your brand. If this imaginary scenario has you breaking out in a sweat, fret not! All you have to do to avoid such a scary situation is to read on to know what factors to keep in mind while choosing vendors of commercial signage printers in Brisbane.

No two businesses are the same and hence their printing needs will also be different. Printing is one of the important pillars that prop up your offline marketing campaign. So, it is best not to leave it to chance. In this blog, we give you tips that will help you zero in on the professional printing service that will be a perfect fit for your business.

How to Identify the Best Printers in Brisbane?

Identify the Best Printers in Brisbane

Brisbane has several options of commercial printers. But you don’t want to commit in haste and repent in leisure. So, the best thing to do before hiring one is to do some research and analysis. We list a few key factors to keep in mind for this analysis.

Range of Services

As a growing business, you will require different types of commercial printing. Make sure that the printer you choose can handle the range and types of printing you need. Beware of those printing vendors in Brisbane who may try to saddle you with suboptimal solutions. The printing outfit should have the equipment and expertise to service your order. It also helps if their team can help you with the best solutions for your marketing needs as you may not always be sure of what will work best. It is a bonus if the printing team also has design capability. This will give you a one-stop solution for your design and printing requirements.

Quality of Services

It is important to verify if the vendor you choose for professional printing in Brisbane can deliver high-quality printing. You can check out the printing work they have done for other clients and read reviews on neutral sites. It will be an added input if you can speak to current or older clients to find out how the vendor fares in terms of quality of printing and service. Going through the website of the vendor will also give you an idea if they have received any certification for printing.

Turnaround Time

If your business has a dynamic marketing campaign then it is imperative that the commercial printer you hire have an exemplary record with their turnaround times. You will want a vendor that has the scale to deliver high-quality printing within tight timeframes. Even if you can work with relaxed timelines, it is important that your printing company respect promised deadlines. A good idea would be to check if the vendor is willing to accept penalties against late deliveries. Their confidence to do so would be a good indicator of their commitment to timelines.

Cost of Services

The holy grail for any business is to achieve the best quality of service at minimum rates. While budget should be a top priority for choosing a professional printer, you have to be careful not to end up with a vendor who may be cheap but incompetent. This will only lead to wasted opportunities and more money being poured into reprinting jobs. It is also advisable to keep your eyes open for any hidden costs that the printing outfit may try to slip into the final invoice.

Partner not Vendor

Finally, when you engage a company for commercial printing services, remember that you are creating a long-term partnership. As your business grows, your printing requirements will only increase. You will need a printing partner who can offer intelligent solutions and deliver top-notch marketing collaterals. You need an outfit that is easy to communicate with, that is upfront and clear in its dealings, and that can consistently come through for your business.


With the simple pointers listed above, you can shortlist and choose a commercial printer that will be ideal for your business. With an efficient and capable printing team behind you, you can be creative and innovative in your offline marketing and get the maximum returns from it.

While we urge you to do your own research, you will find that Crystal Print Media comes up tops in many of the criteria. The team’s stellar work over the last 30 years has made the company a leader in commercial printing in Brisbane. Our account managers are trained to understand your design and printing requirements and guide you to the best solution. Whether it be large format printing or decals or brochures, we have the printing expertise to deliver high-quality marketing collaterals. We respect budgets and provide cost-effective solutions without compromising on quality.

February 23, 2023
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