January 13, 2022
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Advantages of Offset Printing – A Comprehensive List

It is fascinating how offset printing has evolved over the years and now is at a stage that it is now in widespread use.It is also called as Offset Lithography, or Lithographic printing; where images first are transferred from metal plates to rubber plates, and then finally to the printing media. Lithographic printing uses a technique where the print plate is printed on a rubber cylinder.

The use of the rubber cylinder has made the method flexible enough to print on any material, from paper, plastic, wood, cylindrical products and more.

This planographic method of printing works on the principle that grease and water do not mix. While the ink is greasy, the printing area is treated with oil, and the non-printing site has an aqueous coating. Ensuring the image stays intact and smudge-proof.

Offset LITHOGRAPHY uses the four colour “CMYK” rollers which are as follows:

  • ‘C ‘is for Cyan, the colour that falls in the blue/green spectrum,
  • ‘M ‘stands for Magenta, present midway in the red/blue range,
  • ‘Y ‘is for Yellow and
  • ‘K ‘stands for Key, the black key plate that provides the much needed dark colour, while CMY covers all lighter colour ranges, expanding the overall scope of the colour spectrum.

Professional offset printing process involves the repetition of the transformation of the images from the plates onto the final product for each ink colour used.

What are the offset printing uses that are more noticeable when all of this already seems like offset printing’s advantages? However, in order to ensure that you benefit from offset printing, let’s first learn what professional offset printing services include:

What must an lithographic printing company do in order to maximize offset printing’s advantages?

Being an offset printing Brisbane company, we have dealt with many happy customers. We know a thing or two to make it happen repeatedly, that is, keep serving our clients with 100% customer satisfaction.

Fast turnaround:

A fast running offset press is a must to ensure large copies of offset prints. The in-house organisation in an offset printing company is a must for a quick turnaround time.


A colour management system must maintain consistent colour reproduction across the whole offset print process.


Using the proper ink volume, fountain solution, chromo paper with efficient machine setup, training and online ordering process with prepress approval.

Only when the above list of criteria is achieved will one get the advantages of professional printing entirely. So, making sure to get the correct offset printing services is equally important.

Let us dive into the comprehensive list of the benefits of it now.

Advantages of Offset Printing

Professional offset printing services is one of the most commonly used commercial printing in Brisbane. Here are the benefits of offset printing you get from an offset printing company.

High image quality:

With the four-colour scheme, you get 100% colour accuracy with the flexible option to set the ink volume. The printing company now uses computer-to-plate systems that further enhance the quality.


The most commonly used professional offset printing services are for flyers, postcards, brochures, magazines, newspapers, to name a few. These are large volume offset print jobs, and the higher the volume, the higher the cost-effectiveness you will get. Hence you get a compelling cost/benefit ratio as with the increase in the print order size, the cost per piece decreases.


These are flexible due to the resilient rubber blanket used, which adapts to various surfaces and shapes and hence the conformity of the objects doesn’t matter. And the usage of a variety of custom colours, paper types with custom finishes broadens its usability.

Brand Recognition:

By distributing flyers, hanging banners, and adhering to a logo-specific color scheme—all options made possible by lithographic printing solutions—you demonstrate the excellent standard of work you demand from your business and leave a lasting impression and enhance brand recognition.

Why should you consider Crystal Print Media for LITHOGRAPHY printing services?

As an offset printing company in Brisbane with immense experience in professional printing, we know the value of maintaining efficient print plates and provide helpful printing services in Brisbane that are both cost and time effective.

We make sure to use the print plates to their full potential of million impressions by ensuring the print media never touches the metal, thereby extending its life.

We have an easy, hassle-free system to place your print orders and obtain our professional printing services seamlessly with our online ordering process. We eliminate human errors by eliminating the on-the-spot ordering and managing print items from the stationery ranges through a convenient online portal.

With our managed printing services, you get crisp and clean prints, an excellent deal with less turnaround time, and cost-effective professional printing with the choice of papers, inks and any other customisations of your choice.

Are you still unsure and have queries regarding offset printing uses in your project?

Reach out to our managed print service consultants, who will help you understand your offset print needs and provide the best printing services.

January 13, 2022
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