October 4, 2022
Digital-vs-Traditional Print Packaging

Digital vs. Traditional Print Packaging: Explore the Differences

The first thing that catches the eye of the customer when browsing in a shop or on an e-commerce website is the packaging of the products. In this era when there is an ocean of choices out there for the consumer, it takes a second for them to move on if the packaging is not eye-catching and attractive. This is why its paramount to “dress” your product up in custom print packaging.

For print packaging services, Australia has an array of options. They offer different types of services and you can pick one based on your needs for your brand. Broadly, the two choices available are digital printing and traditional printing. Let us compare the two so you can decide which of these printed packaging services is ideal for your product.

What are Digital and Traditional Printed Packaging Services?

Traditional printing –

There are different types of traditional printing like offset printing, rotogravure, silkscreen printing, etc. They involve the preparation of print plates or cylinders with the design. The inks are then transferred to the package surface either by pressing or rolling.

Digital printing –

In this method, the design is directly printed from a digital file. This printing process involves a printer that applies the inks directly to the packaging surface.

In the space of printed packaging, Brisbane has several outfits offering both traditional and digital printing. Both forms are used widely and each has its pros and cons. We will list some of these here so that you can decide which of the two suits your needs the best.

Customized Printed Packaging Services

Advantages of Traditional Printing

Traditional printing methods have evolved over the years and there are different kinds of methods available for ink transfer to surfaces. This continues to be a popular option for certain kind of packaging. Let us see what advantages it offers:

  • Even though the initial set-up costs are high, traditional methods of print packaging are cost-effective when it comes to high-volume prints. So, if you are looking at huge bulk orders of printed packages this could be a good option.
  • Traditional printing methods may be more suitable for printing onto rough-textured material like wood or canvas. When it comes to traditional methods like offset printing, Brisbane offers many options to choose from.

Advantages of Digital Printing

Digital printing packaging is the fastest growing segment in this space and with good reason. In digital, you have the option of inkjet or laser printing, depending on your budget. There are no printing plates or rollers required for this kind of printed packaging and hence, this makes digital printing a time and cost-efficient choice. But, this is just one of the many advantages of digital printing. Let’s have a look at more benefits of digital printing:

  • Cost – There are no high set-up costs involved in digital printing as there is no preparation of plates required here. You just need to print from a digital file. This makes digital printing a very cost-efficient option.
  • Time-efficiency – Again, as the process involves just printing from a digital file the turnaround time on a print job is very low. There are no long waiting periods for the fulfillment of a digital print packaging order.
  • High-quality graphics – With digital printing packaging, you get more vibrant colors in your design and you also get high-resolution graphics giving a high-quality finish to the packaging. You also have a choice of paper type– matte, glossy, etc. – and embellishments for your packaging giving you more variety in your options. These are all reasons why digital flexible packaging is so popular.
  • Smaller Minimum Quantities – This is a huge advantage of digital printing and makes it particularly attractive for start-ups. You don’t need to go in for huge volume printing and can print smaller batches allowing you to test out different options.
  • More flexibility – The combination of smaller minimum quantities and faster turnaround times makes digital printing a very flexible choice. There is less cost and time involved in case of a change needed in the design. So, if you are planning a seasonal product or a limited-edition product line, digital print packaging is the way to go.
  • More efficiency – The technology of digital printing allows you to print multiple SKUs in one run. This saves cost and time making it very efficient for your business.
  • Less waste – Owing to fast turnaround times and smaller minimum quantities required for printing, digital print packaging is a far less wasteful process. You can print only as many units as you need hence, minimizing your inventory and wastage. This also makes this option more environmentally friendly.

Allure your customers with customized printing

Sparkling with creativity, Crystal Print Media has a team of dedicated art and design professionals who work together to create packages that attract customers. Our approach to brand identity is based on a collaborative process that helps us understand your vision from its very inception. Create a strong visual impact with our versatile print service.

We offer a wide range of print packaging solutions for digital, offset and large format printing to cater all your needs. Call us today to explore the options we offer and choose the one that will work best for your product.

October 4, 2022
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