October 24, 2022
Types of Boxes for Custom Packaging

Popular Types of Custom Packaging Boxes: Which Box is right for you?

Custom packing is essentially packaging boxes that are made especially for your business according to the product your business is producing, and the way it will be shipped. It seeks to protect the product more effectively than standard and generic packaging because it is designed to fit the product exactly. To ensure that the bespoke packaging functions flawlessly, the package frequently needs to go through an engineering, design, prototype, and testing process. Going with tailored packaging over standard packaging typically requires much more time, effort, and money because the packaging undergoes an extensive procedure.

The designs are what truly make custom packaging boxes so great. Whether people choose to acknowledge it or not, the fact remains that first impression counts. Additionally, you only get one chance to make a good first impression. Custom packaging is a fantastic and affordable approach that promotes brand loyalty, social sharing, and revenue growth.

Custom packaging encompasses much more than just printed cardboard or other product-related materials. It’s a chance to entertain and excite people while educating them about the goals, principles, and advantages of your company’s products. But what are the types of custom boxes ? What are the differences between each, and what benefits do they offer? Keep reading to unlock these answers.

The types of boxes for custom packaging

With so many various box types on the market, sellers frequently struggle to select from the different types of packaging boxes for their goods. We have outlined the many types of packing boxes available to assist you with this conundrum.

Reverse Tuck End

This is one of the different types of packaging boxes available. Custom reverse tuck end boxes are made in a process that is essentially identical to that of a straight tuck end box. The openings, however, open and close in different directions. As a result, the bottom opening flap is attached to the back of the box and tucks into the front, while the top opening flap is attached to the front and folds over the back.

Some of the advantages of this type of box are that they are easy to put together and any packaging objective can be met by customizing them. They also lay flat and stack well and are ideal for light objects while being a fantastic choice for wholesale businesses or online retail establishments. The box has openings on both ends and as opposed to straight tuck end boxes, and they employ less material.

Types of Boxes

Crash Lock Carton

Another excellent custom printed box option for heavier products that require additional bottom support is a box with a crash bottom or an auto-lock bottom. Other names for them include crash lock carton, auto-lock bottom boxes and auto-bottom boxes.

These boxes are great reliable choice for bulky items. They have stronger bottom as it encompasses pre-gluing, which has a tuck top closure and there is no assembly required, you can simply “pop” them open.

Sleeve Packaging

All sorts of boxes can now be further customized and protected by the addition of sleeves, which are boxes without ends that wrap around the product container.

Just like any other box, box sleeves can be personalized with your specific branding. You can also order small quantities of boxes if you want to offer your items in seasonal or occasion-specific batches or to different target markets. Furthermore, cutouts and unique embellishments can be stored in sleeve boxes.

Sleeve boxes are perfect for quickly turning a blank box into a personalized box, and are ideal for evaluating novel items (since they are more affordable than a full box). It is quite simple to slide the sleeve over the item or box. It is also adaptable to custom shapes and is very economical as it requires less paper.

Display Carton

A box or folding carton known as a “display box” or a “pop-up box” serves the dual functions of packaging and displaying its contents. When the folding carton’s lid is opened, it turns into the header and provides more advertising area. The objects inside the box are carried and protected if the box is closed.

You can arrange a display box to make a display that will fit neatly on a shelf or counter by using folding pieces or removable perforations, depending on your needs.

Display cartons allow you to use your bulk packaging as a display box for two boxes in one. They are ideal for “grab-and-go” sales of smaller items since dispenser-style is offered. They are completely adaptable for greater visual impact while being simple to assemble and open.

Conclusion- A box for every product!

We know that one box doesn’t fit all, and that’s exactly why Crystal Media provides a fully personalized experience that helps you find the custom printed boxes of your dreams.

You can prefer to have your custom packaging boxes printed on a reverse tuck with a five-panel hanger that has both an insert and a cutout or you could also choose to cover certain spots with gold foil or metallic paper. To help you create the ideal box, our team of box specialists are always accessible for support and consultation. With over 30 years of experience in printing packaging boxes, we are sure we can find the perfect solution for you!

October 24, 2022
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