December 30, 2022
Select the Perfect Packaging Design

How to Select the Perfect Packaging Design for your Customers

A business that does not invest in a good packaging design for its product, considering its expenses and effort, will later discover that a bad design can be even more costly. Whether it be online or offline retail, print packaging is a vital aspect of advertisement for your product. In most cases, a consumer will notice the packaging before they see the product itself. So, the custom packaging design has to be attractive and speak for the product.

Good packaging will serve the purpose of holding and protecting the product, but the perfect designing will also protect your brand. 66% of consumers surveyed for a study said they had tried a new product because of the packaging. But, what goes into choosing the ideal printed packaging design? Let us read on to find out more.

Tips for Choosing the Best Packaging Design

Best Packaging Design

When it comes to designing print packaging, Brisbane has many outfits that offer these services. However, there are certain key things to keep in mind when you are designing custom printed boxes for your product. We list the important ones for you so that the print packaging can best represent your brand:

The packaging must serve the basic requirement

The custom printed packaging that you design for your product must achieve the basic need to hold and protect the product well. It should be light but sturdy. The packaging should be able to hold well with transportation and handling, especially in the case of fragile items. Design the custom printed packaging in a way that it can be opened easily and without damaging the product within.

Do your homework

Whether you are designing the print packaging for your product for the first time or you are changing an existing design, it’s a great idea to listen to your consumers. Taking input from your existing and potential customers through surveys will give you relevant data that you can use while designing. You can also study your competitor to understand what is working or not working for them.

Keep your core target audience in mind

A customer’s first look of your brand is often the print packaging. So, it is important that the packaging be attractive to your target audience. If your product is for kids, the packaging should be colorful and bold. If you are targeting a niche group, you may want to opt for bespoke boxes. It is too generic, you will miss the mark with your core target group.

Give due importance to color scheme and typography

The color scheme on the custom printed boxes should echo the brand colors. Beyond that, the choice of colors is also important because each color evokes different emotions in the customer. The same is true for typography. Choose the font type, color, and size keeping your target customer group in mind. Avoid using too much text and use size hierarchy to highlight the important parts of the text.

Selecting right material for packaging

The material you choose for your custom printed boxes will be determined by various factors like budget, target group, brand values, and retail channels. If yours is a predominantly e-commerce business you will need to choose a material that can withstand transportation but also not be too heavy so your transport costs are kept within the limit. Consumers are today increasingly conscious of sustainability. There are a number of eco-friendly materials that you can choose from for your printed packaging design. 

Be honest in your packaging

A business that misleads through its packaging may be able to attract new customers but will end up losing them for good. So, avoid bulking up the packaging to deceptively increase the weight. Make sure that the information on the print packaging is correct. If a section of the packaging is transparent, ensure that what the customer can see is what they will truly get.

In summary

The packaging of your product is as important as the product itself. It not only protects the product but also plays a vital role in marketing it. The above tips can help you choose a printed packaging design that is perfect for your product and brand.

If you are looking for vendors for packaging design, Brisbane has many to offer. But, for such an important aspect of your business, you need to go with a team that scores high on experience, creativity, and technology. Crystal Print Media ticks all these boxes and more. With our in-house printing, we are able to promise and deliver on tight timelines and ensure the best quality on every order. We offer print packaging services to businesses of all sizes from startups to market leaders. We understand the client’s needs and budget and deliver high-quality custom printed packaging.

December 30, 2022
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